Dressup or mashup ???

     Dressup    or    mashup  ???

People like me who brush almost an hour later than others and give no importance to the vanity kit on the dressing table , are a little rare to find these days. As the world is rushing towards fashion and vanity and so much more !!

But i strongly agree that Personal grooming have no connection with vanity and it is not vanity at all.
Thus all those who just keep them neat and tidy as a princess n prince need not to be considered as ‘madeup’ !!

Fashion is reaching beyond imaginations . The forms it is taking is mesmirising the whole humankind.

But oh ! The divas of the ramp and spotlights , people like me also exist in this world.
We are the ones who choose mashup instead of dressup. Rather i would say that we accidently fall in to mashup everyday. ( Hehehe ) .
We are the divas off the ramps and fashion stores. (Yyesss!! ).
We are the daredevils who just know what is the trend but never cared to follow it and stood off the line.
People call us fool. People call us senseless but for us fashion was never our trade mark.
I see girls doing a lot of homework . Pretty girls first have to keep them updated with the new arrivals everyday , then they have to buy that stuff , then they have adjust it on to their soft bodies and finally they have to walk forth to the world presenting each element from top to bottom.
Though there are people who doesn’t like fashion for show off . They just simply feel good to wear the new trends.

But the third category like me  find no sense in going mad over the fashion carnivals and regular updations of trends.

No offense to the dressup team but we mashup’s will present you some of the advantages .

Like we can spend an hour more with ourselves than that inaminate makeup box and mirror.

Mashup people choose themselves to be so.  It is very rare to find someone today who doesnt wanna look good and cool. But sometimes i find it a mad , blind and ugly race. More and more and more is what goes on here !!

You buy this , the next month you buy that , and the very next something else. I wonder this much energy girls and boys could have wasted in social , ethical and personal issues.

But again i announce no offense to the fashion world. Its just a personal thought and habbit to be so. A few people dont consider the very latest trend of clothes and makeup to be their trademark. They never loose confidence in whatever they are wearing . Even a lot  really dont give it a thought what to wear and just pick that Tank from the second shelf and that trouser from the hanger and a shrug from the underbed draws . 

I really dont understand why the world is going so judgemental over dressing style ? 

I really dont understand why it is so necessary amongst youth to be updated with new stuff in the market that they unknowingly make it a race ?

I strongly support that every occassion have a dresscode in general but the madness of fashion is going beyond it. 

I feel no space and value for pretty girls like me who really dont wish to put that tons of cosmetics and uncomfortable pieces of clothes . 

The world is judging people through clothes. The online , offline , super , dooper and all the markets are doing a good job but we the middle class people are making it hell more important than actually it is.

I see those mocking eyes staring if somebody is just simply wearing a 

t-shirt and a jeans. Why dude? Why ??
Its a persons own choice and decision to be so . Why we are making clothes so very important than the inner talents?

Talk to people , listen to them ,their thoughts amd ideas and then judge them. 
Teenagers today need to understand and learn a lot about personality.
It is not what people wear , eat , hangout with and rest upon rather its the inner sensibility and thoughtfullness of a persons soul and mind.

Dont you agree ?? 

May be you wont !! But this is just what i felt and shared.

vanity is a good thing but just vanity is not. 

Do not judge people on what are they wearing . Because they may be so very much stuffed with revolutionary works and ideas that fashion has no space in mind. 
Do not mark levels for people looking at their clothes. 

No doubt the fashion industry is making life colorful , exciting and adorable .

The only thing i wanted is a free and open space beyond judging eyes and fashion list checks.

cheers to the trends but still i like brushing up an hour later than the others and hate that vanity kit on the dressing table !! 🙂


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