It’s all a series and a God’s Plan

      It’s all a series and a God’s Plan

Life is a journey and a journey is never to be completed alone. we wish or not people do join us in these paths of life.
Ever since i completed 16 years on this earth , i started believing strongly in the GODS PLAN !! I believe god has a plan for me and relatively when i look at the twists and turns in my life in last three years , my belief attained more strength.

Gods plan – may it sound you a joke or may be you too come out to be a believer like me. But Belief and hope is something on which the world is sustained and so no power can prove it wrong. 
Last three years was a complete change – say a complete makeover  !! People came and left but everything seemed to have a very important meaning and connection. Today when i look back to it all together i find it a series. A series well planned and executed. Day by day as things were getting more clearer and prettier to me , my roots of faith penetrated more deeper.

First thing that happened was a clear recognition of my dream. 

second was a unconditional friend – ovais , who understood my dreams and had always been by my side no matter what.

 Third  was the entry of few reverential people who changed my life to better. One of these people is my teacher – Mrs.amita agarwal , who still constantly motivates me and guides me. 

New turns came. Blogging was also one of them. I never thought of reaching here and let me tell you it was all sudeen and unexpected. 

ovais is a worthful note of my life. Meeting him was too unexpected and sudden. It just happened by chance but now when i look back i feel it to be GOD’S PLAN. Being a typical hindu family girl , my family never liked his existence in my life as he is muslim. But we thought above and beyond it and i think we were supposed to do that as we are educated people , not just literate.
we shared same kind of aspirations ,  dreams and social thinking and so magnetized more towards each other. 

Both of us were a saviour in other’s life. He rescued me from my fear and over innocense and i rescued him from irresponsibility and passionless life.

What makes me believe in the PLAN is that a lot of things happened which almost broke me . But I did , evolved and  stand here today – far ahead of what I was. 

 I can feel the victory ( though a small one but yess) when I see  other people around .   Friends ,  mates , families they all lie far behind  in certain parameters . 

Regular checks and introspections along with free criticism have bettered me.

Though the journey has just begin and the journey so far was not easy at all but when we percieve things as a gods plan and believe in the almighty , things automatically start making sense and improve to better rather to best.

We all have  some people around us sent as gifts , only effort is to be made is in recognising them. peep into your own life once from the window of miracles and beliefs and i am sure you will find your series and GODS PLAN.


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