Its still okay !! :)


There in heaven ,  in a long row
sat little children , ready to go
but oh! The angel got busy in her chatter,
Delivered the wrong baby to Mr. Slater

He named his daughter “beckey”
Ans she whispered -“its still okay” !!

Mr. slater got her in a girls school
where she turned a sexual fool
except father , she never saw boys
worried , afraid of their eyes !!

“i will not loose hope ” said beckey
and she whispered,”its still okay”!!

Mr. Slater tied her knot
to an engineer of high cost
there beckey struggled all her life
with his expectations of a ‘perfect wife’!

All her life , she was his prey
but she whispered ,”its still okay”!!

Her two little children; became big man
busy in their lives and success plan !!
forgot their mother in last days ;
but recovered all relations for money claims

Shamely they had her funeral awry and astray
still she whispered, “its still okay” !!


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