Indian Bloggers

Blogging motto

    long ago, but not too long too
     i wtote lines in broken cue
and would throw them away
avoiding to be somebody’s prey!!

my love for writing ,  grew
and all my phobias – blew
then blogger hopped in my life
 life then illuminated with poetry light !!

many people i came across
worthy having a million applause !!
they all seem my achievement today
i feel a winner , when they praise

i pursue a different world today
full of hopes , happiness and gay!!
a million thanks to everyone
to make it all a lively one !!

this post is written in context to indispire topic- “blogging motive” .i.e.
‘What inspired you for blogging?’

Happy to tell that this post is given the title of best post on indiblogger today…. 🙂
Thankyou indiblogger and readers !!


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