What is science ?

What is science ? 
You all must have answered it in your heart that , oh! Stupid shraddha , science is physics , chemistry , biology , psychology or any thing that keeps on happening in the laboratory for years !!
You all may define science as a systematic arrangement of facts, which give fixed results.
Also most you must have told your children to opt. for science stream and not any other in their high schools… 🙂
Regularly at 7:00 am in the morning , i get ready to attend a pre-medical class . Like all other , i too go there , sit , listen to the lecture , curse MEDICAL EXAMS and come back home !!
Yesterday in my chem. Class i saw a guy twisting that playing cube. You remember? The one in which we have to bring all the same colors at one side.
Yes, that!! While the lecture was on students were busy yawning , taking a sit-position snap and struggling with the notes; he was busy twisting that cube..
And to my surprise he did it for seven to eight times with amazing speed and recorded his own time.
             He knew that i was staring him like anything in between the class and so turned to me and said “i love it. Wish to play it at a bigger level and make a record , but you know the story rest!!”
I just smiled as didnt wanted to get noticed by sir.

But oh! That statement took me in other world and  thoughts flooded in my mind.
I wonder why people consider only MEDICAL ; ENGINEERING ; ASTRONOMY ; PSYCHOLOGY ; etc. as science ??
Is literature not science?
Is solving a playing cube in 2 min not science?
Is travelling the far extents of forests and lands not science?
Is journalism or mass comm. Not science?
Why people in INDIA always give preference to what comes in a white coat or a khaki vardi or somebody with an alma-mater of IIT’S ?
Every child has got some speciality and to enhance it , to embrace it  (what i suppose ) is the work of society.
Though we understand that life needs money and good reputation to be lived better but is it all ??
So what if somebody just want to play hockey or chess or want to cook or do nothing but just draw cartoons ?

Time changes in every second and its no more the same again and so how can we put the resolutions made in 1900 to 2015 ?
George orwell in his esaay- what is science in 1989 (i guess) said that why people only consider chemists , doctors , psychilogists , eyc. As man of science?
Though a magician is equally a scientists. He too uses science and amazes you in a more interesting way !!
Its not what i saw today , but when we look around we find that every person is doing something else and not what he dreamt of!! Sometimes its responsibilities but sometimes its just society and that stupid stigma that science is best and not any other stream.
I too am stuck with something like this…sadly…:(
But life doesnt end here , we all know!!

I wish that everybody in there life once gets a chance to be themselves, to do what thy always wanted to !!
In the end , i have nothing to say , neither to blame nor to request but just to take deep sigh and go back to those pre-medical books, waiting for me at the table in my room.

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