Oh my god !! My love ! ! :)

Love make people live the best of their life . I know you all agree to this statement! But what if love complicates you and in return you complicate love and again in turn love complicates you??

( Hahaha ) sounds a little funny and at the same time useless too , but seriously this is a part of everyone’s life.
Have you ever gone through a situation when you felt lost in a relationship ??
Yes , i have !! Unfortunately , That difficult to understand feeling have never left me alone.

I am a confused teenager , though not about everything in life but for my relationships i have always behaved dumb !!

Like every girl i dream and then i flow in those dreams and start expecting people to be the same like the one in my dream land !!
But there lies a great difference between fairytales and real life !!

For my relationships i do a great deal of handling things but at last i do a bit of insensibility which spoils everything done before.. And after it i feel like ( gai bhains paani me ).

Relationships to me are the most complicated and most sophisticated things . They seem difficult than maths and delicate as a glass bowl.
They come with a title “handle with care ” always.
Remember that “rassi me gaanth” wala saying ? Yes excatly , the one which says that once the rope is broken then the knot lies there forever !!
This is all so true no matter how understanding and compatible your partner is but one should never take their emotions and feelings for granted !! ( This is what i have learnt now in my ninteen ). People keep telling you this and that and all the gyaan of the world but most of us learn only when we fall !! 
(Oh! I wrote a poem with this title ).

I am sharing all this to celebrate my new lesson of life that i have learnt recently .

People love you because they love you , there is no other reason for true love and questioning the reason of being together in a relationship gives a start to its end !!
As time passes , issues and problems come but one should never make them bigger than our love and bond.
Also sometimes we feel lost, we feel like loosing our own exisence
we have no rights and no independence this is what comes in our mind !! I would say that if u cherish a truly loving partner in your life than always keep “WE” first then “I” and all the troubles will vanish !!
A sensible partner will never stop you from being you , will never avoid your dreams and will respect you more than loving you !!
A strong bond is the full of trust and respect ; it takes too long to build one but just a second to loose .
People will enjoy your dreams after they have been realised but the one who has hung around you like your greatest fan in those days when you were nothing is the one for you !!

Dont let them GO , hug them ,tie them around yourself because they are really precious person!! 🙂

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