Today here i am with no poem , no story but just a brief chit chat with you all.
The sky has gone dark and the winter night is just perfect for me to get into my quilt and enjoy the comfort that HOME is giving !!
As i lay down so many things come to mind , actually when we are quite , absolutely quite from our mind then , only at that time the most exotic ideas enter !! I hope you guys agree?
As the winter chills me , i wonder what those people at the roadside must be doing? I wonder what those little children must be dreaming of? What those people on the platforms must be worried for?
We all know the amswers to these questions. But how many of us have that little time to unpack some old pullovers and provide these people with some ?
We all are too busy or we are always in doubt about the originality of their problems.
This is true that most of us always are in doubt about the reality of these people . This is not wrong because we all everyday see so many fake “NEEDY ” PEOPLE and hear a handfull of news eachday about such issues. And our trust is no more left in them.

But due to all this the really needy ones die of scarcity of basic needs…. that ROTI , KAPDA , MAKAAN !!!

But whats the solution to this?
Letting everybody die just because of some cheaters or donating with open heart without thinking !!

I too agree that donation of money is making the person handicapped rather one should just donate aids for earning money !! 🙂 🙂

(Oho !! Mom’s call on between)  so for right now no more on this issue because already i shared alot and my mom is over my head for the dinner….
Bye bye everybody but dont forget to donate some clothes this winter without any doubts in mind…

And i know you must be thinking that i am writing such a long post and giving all you guys ” SO MUCH GYAAN “, but do i do such a thing in my personal life??
Seriously i do….and for this you should appreciate my Mom and not me because since i gathered some senses i have seen her  giving our old clothes to the ” KAAMWALAS”or the roadside dwellers …
  Lets all of us donate atleast two of our old and loved clothing for a million dollar smile on somebody’s face !!


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