School – life

One fine day when you get up to check your pending mails and find something titled “school alumni” , your reaction is impossible to imagine……..
Not just yours mine too. May be we could have jumped from our bed right to window a feet far or would have swiped down more into the warm quilt feeling nostalgic !!!

The experiences of school alumni  are always more exciting than its imagination…..
The boy of the first rank comes to you flirting !!! SHOCKED , SURPRISED, dont know what !! This is how your reaction is.
The dumbo girl turns the boldest and the looser of the class is the new rockstar in life now!!
You get to know about your so far hidden lovers and your first crush receives just a friendly smile from you now!!
There is nobody you hate now…even the rude guy who always received your angry looks enjoys a great talk with you that day!!

And what when the  EX-BOYFRIEND enters……..?
The first ever experience , the first made mistake , the first blush , the first jealousy , the first ever felt ” so – special” feeling ; all surrounds us at once. Amd we smile in our mind thinking how stupid we were and what all silly things we did!!! 🙂
This was something two people imagine at tge same moment , in the same way , in the same sequence…..( hahahahaha) …how silly !!!
Those class rooms , those benches come alive…that corridor where we have put bombs before diwali holidays and that canteen where we bunked classes!!!
That ground where simple inter-house matches were like OLYMICS and those ever loved – WASHROOMS ( THE CONSPIRACY HALLS OF EACH BLAST) 🙂 🙂 🙂
the blue-white school  building , that big garden and every inanimate thing gains life for those hours..
It feels not to leave that place ever ; feels as if to leave ecerything of life and come back to those classes and buildings..
But life needs to move on , nothing can be stationary…..
We all move ahead in life…change alot as a person but our roots lies in those pleasant memories !!

“SCHOOL – LIFE” is the bestest ever…..and i know you guys agree!!


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