Teenage Dilemma

                  Teenage Dilemma

life is a journey  and a long way to go
this  is the theory and many heads think so
but for me a girl of seventeen
life is a moment and i am keen
to live and to love
to fly high like a little dove;

days and nights pass by
at times joyful, at times i cry
dreams and aims lies in my heart
and i spent days searching my art;

hurdles knock my door every morning
and i even suffer punishments and warnings
but the spirit lies in learning a lesson
and not to give hope in any season;

neither scorching sun nor heavy rain
not chilling winters and any pain,
can let me down to fulfill my dreams
as one pure heart can win several reigns.

This poem was written when i was seventeen ( two years back) a cute confused girl;(sorry if you dnt find me cute but i feel so about me :)) as i am posting my old writeups these days ; hope you like them !!


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