Blogger buddies !!!

My blog is almost one and half year old , then why not thank all of my blogger buddies for their constant support !!! I know i have mentioned a few names only but i remember all others too…. please dont mind it personally…….

I jumped into this site
An year ago;
When nothing i had
And nothing i knew.

Shweta maam promoted all my posts
No matter how senseless i wrote,
Her poetries always stole my heart,
And her fiction is exceptional part

Then i found mrs. Saru singhal
Her writings are highly inspirational
And the #tag stories- commendable

Mr. Alok singhal seems a busy man
I usually see him after long span.

Archana maam is next on the list
but i cant explain her in ‘jist’,
She writes haiku’s from sun to mist
Admiring life’s every bit

Purba – my bengali queen !!!
Finished three books in her ‘teen’
What else can i say about her,
As nothing can equate her worth

Indrani maam comes with ‘wordless’
What to say? I am speechless !!!
‘Faces of india’ is the most loved one ,
Expressing everything without any letter written !!

Ananya tells all about fashion
But she too appreciates my fiction,
Thanks ananya for your support
I will be waiting for your next post.

Madhusudan is my all new buddy
Writing about ‘ishq wali tragedy’
In hindi he expresses ‘pyaar wali feeling’
I really like it and i am not joking.

Maniparna blogs from Kolkata and do wonders,
Directly to my heart her poetries enter !!

Oh my dear ovais
How can i miss you?
This journey was not possible,
Without your motivation all through

All my other dear friends
Dont think i forgot you all
I can take each ones name
You all lie in my hearts frame

Please dont be angry or sad
If i made any fault
I dont want to turn things to ‘bitter’
But if you like it, then shout
       “A HITTER , A HITTER”

(If i have unknowingly made any fault or hurted somebody’s emotions , then i apologise but my intention was not so !!! I hope you all understand.)


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