When  a  sense  of   dissatisfaction  persists ,  that  means  it  was  placed  there  by  god  for  one  reason  only ;  you need to change things and move forward !! “

This is the quote stated by paulo coelho , a writer i am a huge fan of , stated in one of his books. This quote really works for my life and whenever i am dissatisfied , i recall it , believe in god and his indications and try doing things accordingly.. Luckily till now these lines  have never seemed worthless or wrong  to me. Because satisfaction and  happiness are directly proportional to each other and then comes prosperity !!

Also a few days ago i got crazy about writing quotes . So jerw are some of my specimens , hope you will like them.
” when you can live in the NOW,
 only then you can see nature’s WOW!! “
“Cross the limits or else  who will set the limits “
“Be brave and fly otherwise you will always be jealous of birds !!”
“To have the right perception about somebody , you have to listen to them!!”
“Its difficult to change yourself ; but impossible to change the world without changing ourself first !!”
This post is in context to indispire topic – #lifemantra.
Thankyou for reading.

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