"Happy Anniversary Mrs. Kashyap "

IIt was 17 sep and Newyork was as usually busy.

Nitya was sitting in front of a beautiful round mirror in her bedroom.  She wore a light red saree  that perfectly complimented her fair , bright skin.
Water was dripping from her hair as she turned to Rohan who was still asleep with great peace.

“Happy Anniversary  Mr. Savior “, she murmured. And turned back to the mirror with a nostalgic smile.

Gazing at herself in the mirror she thought  ” Things  have changed now !! Life has changed. Thank you  my savior!  Love you.”

She applied light and descent  make up on her face remembering the days when it has to be dark and seducing.  Today she wore two bangles instead of loading those dozens and applied the traditional sindoor in the name of Rohan.

While doing all this , she was memorizing her days as a prostitute in India , where she had to say ‘yes’
to every guy . But today she was completely a ‘one man woman’ , all of Rohan with her heart and soul.
Tears started flowing from her eyes and  she wanted to wash her shameful past with them.
“Circumstances make people do anything ” She murmured  again.

Don’t let your past haunt you , because then you will miss the joy of present.” Rohan shouted loud as he hugged her tight in his arms.
“And if you will keep crying then I won’t be able to kiss you and we will spoil our romance!!
Happy Anniversary Mrs. Kashyap.”

Nitya hugged him back tightly. She knew that Rohan knows all about what’s going on in her mind and he  never let’s her fight alone even to her thoughts.  She wanted to say a thousand things at that moment .She wanted to thank him a thousand times for his unconditional love , but she knew that words aren’t enough to express her feeling. So she decided to repay it with her loyalty  , trust and support till her last breadth! !

“Mrs. Kashyap  was a far more satisfying than MARIA ” She wondered.


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