Ambition !!!

The luxurious white car stopped at the signal. Pavitra raised her head from the phone. The “best actress trophy” was sharing the back seat of her car with her. But pavitra’s face was pale as if there was  nothing in life to cheer for.

Suddenly she looked outside the window and was freezed to see a family in the next car. A naughty kid was continously  hopping on the back seat of car and an elegant lady with a handsome man were taking part in his laughter

They were all bound with love ,  care and compassion as this was clearly visible on their faces. Giggling with fun they were on the top of this world!!

Pavitra watched them playing a silly game of kisses. Three of them were kissing each other quickly and continously  and their broad smiles and glitter in eyes was adding spice to the game.

Tears flowed from pavitra eyes and she cried ,” my son!”
“Oh ! My son,  Gohan.”
She had very well recognised her son and her ex husband Nikhil ,  whom she had left years ago  to chase her dreams.
You won , Nikhil! “
” you won!!, I claimed to be more prosperous one day than you , but you are the richest man. I lost.”
“I lost.”
The signal turned green .The two cars went in opposite direction,  Nikhil  went giggling with his son and wife and pavitra went crying with those inanimate  objects of prosperity.
By this post i do not certify that ambitions are always bad or negative…ambition is a positive feeling which can take you high in life but this is  merely a fiction expressing , negative effects of this feeling.

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