Departed for forever!!

The theatre in the city mall was getting suffocating with so many people now. This was obvious as it was a sunday evening. A pretty girl with shiny long hair dressed in a yellow dress that very nicely complemented her fair complexion, was about to fall flat on face , as she stepped on somebody’s foot in this crowd.

Being completely out of control and almost in the air , she closed her eyes ….. and suddenly with jurk found herself stable.

It was sure for her that she must be on the floor and all the eyes must be at her. But when she opened her eyes found herself in somebody’s arms..
For a moment it gave her immense pleasure as she was saved from an embarrassing situation infront of almost half city,but then the next moment she got uncomfortable thinking ,that would have been better than landing in a guys arms like a fairytale!!!

“Thankyou” she said , quickly moving away.

“Its all right” that all happened by chance. My reflexes are very strong. Said the guy with pride.

“Ya !! thanks once again”. Said the girl.

“By the way , i am Nakshya”

“Ananya” she replied.

“So?” nakshya raised his eyebrows and asked.

“So what?” Questioned ananya.

“Nothing ,shall i buy you tickets because its highly crowded , you see”

“Need not to i can manage myself, just because you saved me right now doesn’t mean i am a dumb girl”

“No i am not sayng you’re dumb, i was just…..”

“No please ,i can manage . Thankyou and leave me alone now.”

It took almost half an hour for both of them to buy those movie tickets but none looked at each other….

“Excuse me!! Why are you sitting beside me?

“See i am no play boy kind of a guy . My seat no.  is 54 and so i am here.”

“Oh !! Hell, mine is 53. I am sorry.”

The movie began but somewhere the romantic saga of nakshya and ananya was taking birth. They drooped in to a conversation and shared almost every recent things of their lives in those hours.

The movie had a break but their conversation did not. Their was so much to tell that they both wanted to finish it off right there. Both of them in their hearts felt something called “love at first sight”…..but it was easy for nakshya to fall in to ananyas sweet talks but ananya was a sensible girl , she would take time. But she was so fascinated with this handsome and chubby guy that it was impossible  to resist. Something kept them on , something kept them going, something kept them together. Both of them could feel the warmth of the conversation, the inability to stop, the desire to know more and the wish to be together for some more time. May be it was really a love at first sight and the beginning of a long and true love story!!!

The movie ended,  but both ananya and nakshya doesnt know what actually happened, but they very well knew what happened inside their hearts……
Moving out from the hall ananya said ” you can call me ”
Hearing this nakshya could not control to show the hapoiness that bursted out, and he replied ” i will”.

“Okay then Nakshaya singhal see you soon” ananya waved her arm to wave him bye and stepped on the
accelerator . ………..

There was a loud scream that made everyone turn and look. The people in the mall began shouting too.

 Nakshaya turned quickly and peirced the rush to see  what happened?  But he could not move a step forward as he saw ananya lying there at the bottom of the accelerator on the first floor all red with blood ….
She has told her to see him soon, she has told him to call, there was so much more to tell…. how can this happen ?? Nakshaya was standing still  and somebody shouted ” the girl is dead”.


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