when you try your best but you dont succeed
  you plan everything but things go wrong
 you give your best but dont get the feel
you hope someday will be your sunday  .
           dream ull be free from all these ruts
          you become humdrum and cant find your rythm

          off all the things you try to run away

          its obviuos coz you cant find a way

             i love you so i would say

                                      life goes on and so do you 
                                      you stumble with a new hurdle
                                      you sway but you need to find a way
                                      never be satisfied with the present you
                                     jst keep finding the new you

                                 plan your future and keep modifying  its structure  
                                   be in present not in the future
                                   if you can live today you will definitely live your future

                                 baby i am your crazy lover but yess

                                all i want is accompanying you 
                               in the new phases of me and you

                               i want you to dream but live in present
                              if you will not tell the world
                                 you will be marked absent .

                                i love you
                               is not just a promise to love
                                 it consist of things which you love 


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