Why is it not just another day ??1


  Hello peeps !! Welcome to shine-shradha and many wishes for your happy day. 🙂 Wait !! Hold !! Are you taking this day as one more in the calender , in the month , in the year ?  You must be saying ," so what shraddha ? How does it matter,  it was 19 … Continue reading Why is it not just another day ??1


The Sunshine Blogger Award ! 😄 My Answers to the awesome 11 questions. 😄

The Sunshine Blogger Award ! 😄 It feels so great to be nominated for the sunshine blogger award. ShineShraddha is one year old and I am so glad that I received immense support, love and true respect from my fellow mates and readers. Please keep showering your love and stay connected. 😚 I have been … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award ! 😄 My Answers to the awesome 11 questions. 😄

Say It A Thousand Times Over 😍😘

I am 21 now, 😄 grown enough to handle life and its tortures. Most of my days were alike, until I realised that the monotony was affecting my thoughts, lifestyle and yes ofcourse my health.   I changed it. I changed everything. I changed being useless. 😠  One moment or other I would do something or … Continue reading Say It A Thousand Times Over 😍😘

Long Skirt With Long Memories Beaded Onto It <3

Life demands a change!  With all my days going in the same manner... just like those repeated clothing combos...my mind saturated and demanded a change. I  wondered What to do ?  I searched desperatley for a change. a change that could revive my loosing spirits. I wished of wearing something that can make me feel … Continue reading Long Skirt With Long Memories Beaded Onto It ❤

Book Review –  I Wear The Smile You Gave 

Book -  I Wear The Smile You Gave Author - Shweta Shah Genre -  Fiction Pages -  180 Price -  Rs. 199/- What the Book says about itself -  Ajeet is a commoner, a boy next door who ks away from the worldliness and noreover just a happy-go-lucky guy. Aditi and Ajeet are batch mates in a junior college and share … Continue reading Book Review –  I Wear The Smile You Gave 

Morning Rituals ! <3

These days.. I realised How influential mornings are in our life !  Waking up is a usual process each day but seldom we realise that getting up each day for coming hours could have been better with a few practices.  It is often that we get up irritated, Bored, with no enthusiasm and zeal. The … Continue reading Morning Rituals ! ❤

Some Kit-Kat Breaks !

A break is what I am on these days...  Why ? May be Because I was not able to keep the pace with things. May be I was exhausted or may be I felt like rekindling the fire.  When life looks at you with narrowed eyebrows and stars seem a little less shiny as usual.  … Continue reading Some Kit-Kat Breaks !

Better Ways of Living…My Perspectives

We all have some perceptions towards life, we all have certain aim, goals, wishes and preferred lifestyles, but in the journey of life we meet with several people specially when we step in the teenage…our first step towards the vast and practical world, that is the time when we meet people with different mentalities, sometime … Continue reading Better Ways of Living…My Perspectives

नींद से करार |HINDI POETRY

Hello Everyone, I am sharing few Shayaris here. I penned all these shayaris for one of my good friends from Indiblogger’s family. She is the one who helped me and encouraged me when I was going through tough times. Thank you so much dear for being there when no one else was. This is the … Continue reading नींद से करार |HINDI POETRY